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April 12, 2018

       TOOLS for HARMONY WITHIN DIVERSITY:   The Friendly Style Profile

       See posted dates on Tools for Harmony Within Diversity page

for Spring, Fall & Summer 2021

This interactive one-day workshop with Dr. Barbara Daté will provide concrete, practical skills to understand one’s own & others’ behavior using the personal Style inventory tool, the Friendly Style Profile.  By helping us “speak each other’s languages,” Barbara will guide us to explore individual & cultural differences. Whether we are relating to those in our personal lives, to our neighbors, or with our co-workers, we can learn to build healthier relationships, prevent dysfunctional conflict, & become better equipped to understand, affirm, & respect one another.

Together we will explore a model of understanding human behavior that includes specific self-management/self-care skills along with customized interpersonal skills for use in daily life.   Participants will learn how to interpret their own and others’ Gifts & Strengths in both Calm and Storm conditions using the Friendly Style Profile.

NOTE:  To REGISTER:  The inventory will need to be filled out a minimum of one week IN ADVANCE of the workshop date. CONTACT:  UO CRES or the Center for Dialogue & Resolution ( or Barbara ( to register and get the “About Me” form and Friendly Survey sent to you.

Workshop Time: 10 AM – 6 PM (Pacific) or when divided into two parts usually are 10 am – 2 pm (Pacific)

Location: ZOOM   (No drop-ins, pre-registration and preparation assignments required in advance)

Short LUNCH break (probably about 45 minutes)

Numerous educational materials include the Friendly text booklet/survey, Daté spiral workbook, two custom-designed Personal Style Profile name cards, plus snacks & hot/cold drinks are part of the tuition.  Seminar fees are posted at and there is a sliding fee scale available to accommodate scholarships.  CRES students contact UO CRES for scholarships.

Registration questions? Contact the Center for Dialogue & Resolution.   (Select Work/community, Intimate Partner or Youth/student context/15-18 years old).

Questions about filling out the Friendly Style Profile? Email Barbara at (She will phone you)

 Advance REGISTRATION required before 3 pm a minimum of 10 days before the the workshop date