About Barbara Daté, Ph.D.

I am very blessed to be part of a growing collegial team who began working together when I was in graduate school. Together we’ve developed a curriculum helpful as a catalyst in learning proactive, prosocial skills in daily life. Basically I teach and coach in three areas of skill development (see details under Educator and Consultant) to assist individuals and groups to live and work together building healthy relationships. (Understanding and learning skills to celebrate diversity while encouraging harmony, using Micro-Communication Skills and having access to a dozen procedural tools for getting along in ordinary times and in times of conflict.)  Over the decades my circle of colleagues has expanded and we share broadly now near and far!

I teach and provide training/coaching & facilitation in person, Electronic Conferencing, phone and by email.

Contact information:  Email Barbara paxdate@gmail.com

Workshop updates may also be available from the Center for Dialogue & Resolution (formerly Community Mediation Services) at lanecdr.org

Mailing address:

Barbara Date’, Ph.D.
2852 Willamette St.,#256
Eugene OR 97405-8200

Crow, Oregon High School Freshman class    (photo above) 2016
Topaz Internment presentation 2016 with Florence Daté Smith  (3/22/21 – 6/26/17)
 (My mother) Florence Date’ Smith’s Internment Story (Barbara Daté, Editor):
54 minutes (almost in 2 segments, up to discharge and then “resilience and living “happily ever after…”)
YouTube link option or start attachment:
(Turn volume way up before starting)

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