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ZOOM WORKSHOPS (from Eugene, Oregon, Pacific Time zone)

NEWSFLASH!  Stressed out?  Frazzled or frustrated? Come as you are!    NEW workshop offered:  SELF-CARE 101: First step that I can start today! (Creating my own “Pleaser’s List”)  

(The inaugural workshop on Friday, 10/23 was a success!)  JOIN us!  WATCH HERE FOR NEXT DATE. ($10 or sliding scale for low income) CONTACT ME at paxdate@gmail.com (or Register at lanecdr.org if they have dates posted…)  Zoom invite will be sent out the preceding day with handout.

Self-care, self-management and interpersonal skills for working with “Personality” Differences: (8 hour workshop with preliminary assignment due about 8 days in advance).

Barbara teaches this as an all day workshop (10 am – 6 pm Pacific) OR two half-day workshops Part 1 & 2  (usually 10 am – 2:30 with break, Pacific)

The next TOOLS for HARMONY WITHIN DIVERSITY workshop is set for:

Part 1 on Friday, November 20, 2020 10:00 am – 2:15 pm (Pacific) (with a very short lunch break in the middle)

Part 2 on Friday, 11/20 continuing from 2:30 – 6:30 pm (Pacific)  O R 

on Saturday, 11/21 from 10:30 am – 2:45 pm (Pacific)  with a short lunch break in the middle.  (REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Friday, November 13, 5 pm Pacific.)  NOTE: a 45 minute survey preparation assignment is required before your registration is complete.

This workshop is generally taught every other month  (dates often by request) 

CHECK BACK here or at CDR lanecdr.org for future date confirmation or with Barbara at paxdate@gmail.com

(NOTE: By request, I am open to teaching Part 2 immediately after a break on the same day, so an 8 hour workshop.

(Reminder to the University of Oregon CRES master’s students: your registration tuition fee for future workshops may be covered by CRES, so contact Sophia to receive more details and your preparation assignments.)

REGISTER VIA lanecdr.org (or University of Oregon CRES Cohort students see Sophia

2)   The FRIENDLY CLINICS have a prerequisite of the TOOLS for Harmony Within Diversity workshop.   Friendly Clinics are offered about every 2-3  weeks.  We are building upon our Strengths to cope with this dual pandemic, so you can function at your best, day by day!

 (Please note: Anyone who has already taken this workshop in the last 30 years is welcome to join in — you are welcome to “drop-in” by registering at least 3 days in advance (sooner, if possible!) so you can update your “About Me” and provide your eight Style Profile numbers for the Group Roster (send to Barbara paxdate@gmail.com).  (Bring your Friendly textbooklet and Tools workbook with you.)

The next Friendly Clinic dates are:  (Pacific Times)

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 (1 – 3 pm Pacific)

Tuesday, November 17 (5 – 7 pm Pacific)

NOTE: Friendly Clinic dates/time slots for yourself or your group may be requested.

3) Justice-With-Healing Workshop. If you are either curious about “Restorative Justice” OR you are a practitioner and would like to view an adapted “RJ” healing model modified from the Maori New Zealand Family Group Conferencing illustrating a student who got caught driving a stolen car this might be the workshop for you.

This JWH workshop includes an introduction to this model, a one hour vignette (with 18 parts), short Debrief with a BREAK (for those who want to leave) and then extended time for further Q&A and networking.  There are a few long but mostly short reading parts in this vignette, so please sign up! (This is not a “roleplay” rather an glimpse into what a healing model might look like.)

Registration closes about 3 days in advance (so I can send out the vignette and your “About Me” short bios in advance.)

Co-authors Daté and Monkman were inspired to write this after learning about an actual case.  This fictitious vignette dramatization illustrates how Deep Compassionate Listening can transform understanding and generate healing options helpful to all parties/participants, both those causing harm and those having been harmed.  2 1/2 hour workshop  (The last 30 minutes is for those who want further debrief time and some networking with those still on Zoom together.)

NEXT JWH workshop dates:  November 5th THURSDAY 1 – 3:30 pm (Pacific), then REPEATED: December 12th SATURDAY 10:30 am – 1 pm (Pacific)  (REGISTRATION deadlines for this workshop is minimally 3 days in advance to send us your “About Me” and receive both the vignette and the Zoom link


(The Zoom North American premiere of the JWH was on Friday, May 1, 2020, the repeat workshop with slight edits on 8/8/20 was very illuminating.  We have learned that sharing this model on Zoom is viable!)

4) The MICRO-COMMUNICATION SKILLS Series is now being offered more than once on weekdays and weekends through the Center for Dialogue & Resolution (lanecdr.org).  Take any workshop in any order. Each workshop is between 1 – 3 hours in length. Learn relatively simple interpersonal communication skills to build healthy relationships in your life: Agreement Stating, Preference Stating, Purpose Stating, Posture of Puzzlement, Spirit of Inquiry and put them all together in an Impact Preview.  (These MasterSkills were discerned and developed by Drs. Susan K. Gilmore & Patrick W. Fraleigh our mentors.)

You may register for any of these Micro-communication Skills workshops IN ANY ORDER.   (However, it works well to have taken the Impact Preview “last” if you have a choice in dates…)  These workshops are being taught on a rotating basis (with some dates by request…)

Micro-communication Skills, Part 4: Deep Compassionate Listening (Micro-paraphrasing):  Sunday, October 25th,  1 – 4 pm   (Pacific Time)    

Micro-communications Skills Part 2 & 3:     Spirit of Inquiry & Impact Preview will be taught on request. (Probably: Impact Preview 10 – NOON (Pacific time) and Spirit of Inquiry 12:30 – 2 pm )

You may register on lanecdr.org or contact me if you have trouble enrolling there…(paxdate@gmail.com)

There recently has been a request to teach parents/adults How to TEACH 4 – 6 year olds TO USE Micro-paraphrasing.  We have yet to set a date for that.  (As well there has been a request to teach the Collaborative Parenting model TBA.)

Micro-communication Skills Part 1   –   Skills of Expression: Agreement Stating, Preference Stating, Purpose Stating & Posture of Puzzlement)
STAY TUNED for new dates: often a Wednesday or a Saturday starting at 10 am (Pacific Time)

5) Introduction to the DATÉ  DICERNMENT CIRCLE with clips from two training DVDs, case studies, and an experiential DDC concluding with a debrief session is also available. Usually a 3 hour session (with more intensive skill training in a separate workshop for those who want to learn how to facilitate this model).

All workshops are custom designed for the audience/group.
The Center for Dialogue and Resolution (lanecdr.org) often has workshop details and updates.

Please feel free to contact me directly: paxdate@gmail.com


  1. From the On Earth Peace Zoom.

    • Sally, this is very embarrassing since I just noticed that you sent me the July note NOW!
      I do not find your actual note, so I am going to send you a regular email to catch up to you.
      I am so VERY sorry that I was/am so naive about this “comment” option on my WordPress account…
      I really look forward to sharing…
      The best way to reach me is via my email address even to ask me to phone or zoom you…

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