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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Dear Ones! As I have been teaching, coaching and providing support to workshop participants, clients, colleagues, friends & extended family I have become really clear about one thing. I am reminding all of us that since we are in a marathon, not a sprint it is imperative that we each increase our own self-care so we can get through this double (or triple) pandemic through to the other side as healthily as possible. If you are interested, feel free to email me about the NEXT Self-Care 101 seminar: Creating your own “Pleaser’s List” (including my own list as an example of items on it). (paxdate@gmail.com) I have set many of my Fall 2020 workshop offerings (dates/times) here on this website as well on the Center for Dialogue & Resolution (CDR) website lanecdr.org (which umbrellas some of my workshops).

Until we see one another or communicate in any way, take good care of yourselves… and I hope to share soon!


Dear Ones! The best message that I can send to you right now (today) is that even those of us who are skilled at coping with multiple concurrent challenges and change during this dual pandemic are also seriously challenged…(whether we recognize it or not)…How can we best care for those we share lives with and/or those we support and serve in any way?– We can work at being be more mindful of our own self-care every day and every week. In this way, we will become stronger and more able to function at our best. Lest we forget, we are not in a sprint, we are caught in a marathon! (This is going to be a looooong journey and if we prepare better even at this stage, all will benefit from it.)

Blessings of Love & Light on our paths, and health also!
Strength for the journey,
Zooming from Eugene, Oregon, USA
Sunday, August 3, 2020

[Original note re: FUTURE BLOGGING:

Dear Ones,   NEWSFLASH! A variation of “Blogging” is our new “Friendly Clinic” which we have first offered twice to Guinea Pigs to see if it would work well on Zoom–which it did very successfully! So we have started holding the 2 hour Friendly Clinics every couple of weeks.   (Pre-requisite: Tools for Harmony Within Diversity with your Friendly Style Profile, Friendly Style white textbooklet and Daté coil blue workbook and PSP cards)             (The next dates are listed on this website or with the Center for Dialogue & Resolution or by request.)          Register at lanecdr.org or with paxdate@gmail.com

I am considering starting up some blogging reflections on the curriculum I teach….that is, on the Friendly Style Profile, the set of Micro-communication Skills and the various innovative procedures I teach and utilize.  Perhaps we can develop a Q&A system to focus the topics.  (I’m open to receiving input regarding this idea.)

I’ve been asked to share about a Cognitive Restructuring exercise that I taught in my Conflict & Communication courses and Tools workshops and shared in my counseling practice.  I will explore starting a workshop on this (?Strengthening during this Dual Pandemic: How to rebuild my negative self-talk into workable positive self-talk?)

Note: Those of you who participated in the McPherson College (Kansas), Kenora or Winnipeg, Canada or Bethany Seminary courses or workshops or Eugene workshops, feel free to check in with me. paxdate@gmail.com]

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