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September 9, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: A “HOT” new one hour workshop on Increasing Self-Care… Creating my own Pleaser’s List (offered at various times and on request). The inaugural workshop last Friday was given affirmations…

As an educator and consultant I teach regular and intensive courses, seminars, and workshops and provide skill development training, coaching, and mentoring in interpersonal and small group relationships in daily life and/or in challenging situations.

Three areas of skill development include:

  1. Tools for Harmony Within Diversity:  Understanding one’s own and others cultural and individual differences in Calm and Storm [utilizing the Friendly Style Profile from Friendly Press]
  2. Micro-Communication Skills (Friendly Press’ MasterSkills: Agreement Stating, Preference Stating, Purpose Stating, Posture of Puzzlement and Spirit of Inquiry, Deep Compassionate Listening and Impact Preview using all the skills)
  3. Some Innovative Procedures (for building healthy relationships and healing & reconciling broken relationships via Impact Preview, Collaborative Partnering, Collaborative Parenting, Role Clarification, Neutralizing History, the Daté Discernment Circle, and the Justice-With-Healing model, among others)
  4. Misc. Skill development: a) Friendly Clinics (prerequisite: Tools for Harmony Within Diversity anytime in last decades, 2 hour workshops) b) Self-Care: Pleaser’s List (1 hour), c) Impact Clinics (monitoring & review of generic skill development in previous workshops, 90 minutes)

I have worked closely with the Center for Dialogue & Resolution staff & volunteers (in Lane County at  (formerly Community Mediation Services), Eugene, Oregon and provide some training and contracts through CDR.

My next 2 open/public Friendly Style Profile “Tools for Harmony Within Diversity” (8 hour Zoom workshop) will be held 4+ hours on a Friday for Part 1 and 4+ hours on either Saturday  or about a week later for Part 2.   REGISTER via for these workshops (complete assignments about 4 – 8 days before the Tools workshops).

PLEASE CHECK the Events & Workshop pages for updated Zoom workshop information.  Perhaps we will see each other soon!

WHAT’S NEXT:                                                                                                              If you are seeking a brave place to Listen & Share, we’ll be setting up sessions possibly Sundays 1 pm – 3 pm (Pacific) (or other slots “by request”) utilizing the Date’ Discernment Circle (which many of you are familiar with) both tending to our hearts and minds as well as a bit of further skill development/coaching.

Look for 2 Podcast interviews of me with Anna Lisa Gross on the topic of “Speak the Truth to Power” (this week on Messenger radio podcast) and (also for Brethren young adults) on  Dunkerpunks “When I realized I was a “leader”…” available March 2021.  Also I was invited to coauthor a feature article for the Fellowship of Reconciliation magazine on the topic of what the English word “Crisis” brings to us at this juncture…(

CONTACT ME best via  (also to set up phone, FaceTime, WhatsAp or Zoom)

In the meantime, take especially good care of yourself and your Dear Ones! Barbara

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My colleague, Janet E. Mitchell announced her new practice and new website,, and Facebook page, Janet Mitchell Mediator, LLC.

Janet & I have taught workshops together and I commend her with no reservations. Feel free to check with me if you have further questions before contacting her.